Van Ommen

The best business partner you ever had

Van Ommen is the ideal business partner in the area of metal cutting and clamping tools for wholesale enterprises in the field of manufacturing engineering across Europe.


Over 65 years of experience

Van Ommen is proud of its origins. Ever since its establishment in Beekbergen, in 1952, the company has never left its original place of business. It was here that Gijs van Ommen laid the foundations for the successful family enterprise that Van Ommen, under the management of Jan Gerbrand van Ommen, still is today.

Since the time of the company's establishment, Van Ommen has grown to become an important and valuable business partner for wholesale enterprises in the field of manufacturing engineering across Europe. The foundation for our success resides in the strength and completeness of our programme, our intelligent stock management methods and the excellent service we provide to our customers.



The basis for the quality that Van Ommen offers is our high-grade programme of metal cutting and clamping tools. Our Test & Training Centre gives substance to the professionalism of our quality management and safeguards the quality of our entire programme.
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We permanently have 25,000 metal cutting tools in stock for you and those are shipped to you with a stock deliverability rate of 98,5%. This reassurance is what allows us to promise you that you can stop looking if you find the tools you need with us.

Snelle levereringRapid delivery

Whatever you order is shipped the same day. All orders that are in before 19:00 are shipped directly to you or to your customer, precisely as you wish. We like to help you think of what is best for your situation.

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